Which factors will influence the price of wig

Wear a wig had become follow the trend of fashion. But the price of wigs very different becuase of there no unify standard for wigs. The high price letting the customers stopped their desire. It really affectted the develop of the wig market.Today the expert from topwigshop.com will share some informaiton on the factors can influence the price of a wis,Hoping though the help, customers can find the right products.

There two important construction for a wig: hair and wig cap.There two materials for making a wig: man made fibers , Human hair. Usually Kanekalon and Ma Lunsi are better Man-made fibers used for a wig. With the development of the market, Kenekalon have occupied the wigs market, because of its better visual effects and simulation of touch.In the retail market , the price of this kind synthetic wigs are high than other man made fibers.If you saw a wig which said is made from kanekalon and the price is below $25,you should be careful for it.

The price of human hair are generally higher, because of the raw materials is limited, So the price of human hair wigs on the wigs market is high, usually the lowest price is at least two times than the synthetic hair wigs. And the price is different according the length and color.

For wigs cap there kinds of wig cap to choose. On the current market the quality of homemade mesh cap or hat imports from korea are better. But the cost of this two kinds are very high.topwigshop.com had imported Korea and Japan’s advanced manufacture technology, we can also providing this kind wig cap at a relative low price for customers

Hoping though our help customer can finding a most suitable wig.